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Baker Mastering offers a “boutique” style of mastering, focusing on each project in a more

intimate way (whether it’s an Indie project or not), which is essential to creating the final

production master of the highest caliber and satisfying the most demanding of clients.

No two projects are exactly the same, each project consists of dozens of unique but very

important details, and to that end, one and only one engineer is involved in each and every

project, we won’t dish you off to an assistant to complete your project, no “night shift mastering”

here, your project is too valuable to you and us, one engineer will handle all of the nuances and

details of your project. Baker Mastering is the culmination of the art and science of music

production to a new vista of sonic excellence.

We know how to place your mixes into the “front and center”, big, fat and punchy!

“Baker Mastering is the recipe for your mix”

Mastering for all formats.

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