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Baker Mastering offers a “boutique” style of mastering, focusing on each project in a more

intimate way (whether it’s an Indie project or not), which is essential to creating the final

production master of the highest caliber and satisfying the most demanding of clients.

No two projects are exactly the same, each project consists of dozens of unique but very

important details, and to that end, one and only one engineer is involved in each and every

project, we won’t dish you off to an assistant to complete your project, no “night shift mastering”

here, your project is too valuable to you and us, one engineer will handle all of the nuances and

details of your project. Baker Mastering is the culmination of the art and science of music

production to a new vista of sonic excellence.

We know how to place your mixes into the “front and center”, big, fat and punchy!

“Baker Mastering is the recipe for your mix”

Mastering for all formats.

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  • Hello,

    I was wondering whether you are able to offer unsigned rates? We are an electro guitar band from London looking to get 4 tracks mastered as an album sampler.

    Many thanks

    • Good to hear from you! The rate for 4 tracks is $600 dollars and turnaround is within 2 business days of receiving the mix and money.If you decide to master an E.p. or Album you can deduct the cost of the single tracks from the cost of the album (2 options below)**

      The session for the Single would include:
      1) the eq, level adjustment, etc of your mix
      2) ftp’ing the mastered mix for listening approval
      3) if needed, revisions to the original mastering
      4) one production master for manufacturing (or upload of DDPi files)
      5) ISRC and/or CD Text encoding (if supplied)
      6) archiving of your single

      I’d also need the bit and sample rate, the file format (WAV, AIF, etc.) and delivery format (CD, DVD, Drive, 1/2″, FTP).
      To upload your files to us you can send them via: WeTransfer, sendspace or dropbox.
      These special rate sessions are fit into the schedule. We do try and fit you in as soon as we possibly can if you have a release date/party planned, please let me know so I can get you in the schedule as soon as possible.

      I would need to work out an additional fee for any of the following:
      1) extra tracks beyond the original amount and rate agreed upon
      2) remixes, radio edits, instrumentals, a cappella, clean, explicit versions, itunes, vinyl, etc.
      3) if you order additional parts (refs, production masters)

      Payment would need to be set up in advance of the session via Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover, Wire Transfer, or check.

      For credit card payment we will need , credit card account number, ccv, expiration date and
      zip code of billing address.

      If there is any shipping of hard parts I’d need a federal express account number. If you don’t have access to one I can
      use ours and add the fee to the invoice.

      **The 2 options for album mastering are as follows:
      *Option One:
      For attended and/or unattended reserved firm date sessions, the mastering rate is $350US per hour. It generally takes approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of an
      hour to master one track. I need at least five days advance notice and a $3,000.00 USD deposit check to schedule these sessions.
      Additional session particulars:
      -revision sessions are $350US per hour
      -cd references for listening approval are $50 each
      -production masters or uploaded DDPi files with text, for manufacturing are $500 each
      -isrc encoding will be $100 for album (if codes are supplied, if you need info to register let me know)

      *Option Two:
      I also offer a special unscheduled indy rate of $2000 that is fit into my schedule.
      These special rate sessions would include:
      1) the eq, level adjustment, assembly etc of your album tracks
      2) ftp’ing the mastered album for listening approval
      3) if needed, revisions to the original mastering
      4) one PMCD/DDP production master for manufacturing (upload of DDP files), plus 24 bit mastered .wav files for vinyl or high resolution downloads.
      5) ISRC and/or CD Text encoding (if supplied)
      6) archiving of your album

      Hopefully i’ve covered most everything for you but if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask….

      let me know if this works for you, thank you

      Baker Mastering
      22287 Mulholland Hwy. PMB 72
      Calabasas, Ca 91302
      818 936-6550

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